Interspecies Internet

Bonobo plays keyboard

Interspecies Internet

This Ted Talk is mind-blowing! It starts with animal cognition and the internet, and eventually ties up with how we’ll communicate with alien species in future space travel. Among other cool things in this video, Peter Gabriel jams with a bonobo, and a dolphin learns to use a modified keyboard.


2 thoughts on “Interspecies Internet

  1. It doesn’t seem far off at all for dolphins and chimpanzees to use touchscreens connected to a network, but I wonder how long it would take them to communicate anything intelligibly to each other. I think Peter Gabriel is right, though, that jamming is a good first step.

    • Do you mean communicating via touch screen with each other? Interesting question! Considering the ingenious ways that animals naturally communicate survival information with their communities, it seems possible that the light bulb will eventually click on for individual dolphins and chimpanzees to communicate with each other via screen. Just what we need, huh? More chimps texting while driving! 😉

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